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Bac oral anglais espace et echange problématique

bac oral anglais espace et echange problématique

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Has the prostitue asiatique Olympic ideal of fair play and tolerance been now replaced by money, drugs and politics?
What difficulties do they face?The impacts of globalization on developing countries.What drives people to leave their bait and switch escorts country to go and live in another country?Pour savoir comment présenter la notion Espaces et échanges au bac danglais, cest par ici.British Asian community nowadays, having a double identity : a positive or a negative thing.How have civil rights activists used nonviolent protest to bring about change in the USA?To what extent has social progress over the past century led to an improvement in womens rights?In what way are heroes portrayed in Hollywood movies?Immigration in Canada, the effects of immigration in the economy.In what way does travelling broaden the mind?
How has it consistently succeeded in defeating new gun control legislation in the USA?
To what extent do myths represent societys values?Is the American Dream still alive?The Queen of England : why do the British love her so maitresse coquine much?Sports : ethics Vs money and drugs.A multicultural country : a place of peace and understanding or conflicts.What impact does globalisation have on international exchanges?Spaces and Exchanges : Immigration, immigration : origins and impacts, modern immigrants : a rosy or a gloomy future?What sort of social progress was made in the 20th century?The Positive Impact of Immigrants in our Society.How do people exercise their power?In what ways can power be abused?Je vais donc plutôt vous donner quelques idées de problématiques simples par notion à vous de les adapter à vos textes et documents utilisés en cours.To what extent does travelling to a foreign country broaden our horizons?