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As for the Taliban-held districts, the idea is to capture them and quickly drop in some hand-picked local leaders.
The general didn't seem to drink.
The government and the armed business networks behind it are no less oppressive than the Taliban.Kandahar city is the spiritual home of the Taliban, who set up their capital there in 1996.Last week the general tried to break out of the bubble by striding purposefully from the isaf petite salope francaise garrison in rural Kandahar he was visiting, in search of Afghans to question.Nobody troubled about forging a national army.Kandahar's shadow shogun is Ahmed Wali Karzai, half-brother to President Hamid Karzai.In the city people suffer not from political actors who are too weak but rather those who are too powerful.Battle should begin after escort saar the leaves have dropped in the vineyards, offering less cover badoo site rencontre cameroun for insurgents.Armed forces linked to him have contracts to protect the CIA and to escort isaf fuel convoys.The new strategy is about to face its defining moment in Kandahar.Though America has been in Afghanistan since 2001, its serious insurgency-busting, nation-building strategy is relatively new.
The problem of knowing what Afghans think is an obstacle more generally.
That bodes ill for September's parliamentary elections.Get our daily newsletter, upgrade your inbox and get our Daily Dispatch and Editor's Picks.But, even so, it is hard to know what they want instead.It's a bubble out there, as for General McChrystal, for all his desire to understand better what Afghans want, he and his advisers have to move around in a security bubble.The province matters because it is the cultural centre of the Pushtuns, who are Afghanistan's biggest ethnic group.

But even it found last year that the proportion of respondents who feared voting in national elections had risen from 45.