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Note: Want to win some awesome sovereign pro wheels?
Bad title example: Anyone want to trade for Frostbite?
If you're having an auction, please read and follow the auction rules.Calling out someone for scamming with no evidence will result in a minimum 3 day ban.Todays announcement is an important one for us here at Psyonix, because we know how much our community has wanted full cross-platform support for quite some time.In our first update this year (more information coming soon we will release our cross-platform party system, which allows you to partner up with friends on any platform with the push of a few buttons.But what about cross-platform parties?Its because of you, our fans, and our generous partners sexe annonce paris on all systems and services that have made this possible in the first place.Rltps4 is hosting a community-wide holiday giveaway!If you were scammed report them through modmail.You can only make one post every half hour to avoid spam abuse.
Good title example: Pink Zomba Wheels W Offers.
You must also include the platform you're planning to trade.Rare items sought after, subreddit Rules,.Do not hijack active trades (no trade sniping).We are thrilled to announce that starting right now, Rocket League has entered the PlayStation Crossplay Beta program!Must include H for "Have and W for "Want".In the giving spirit theyve supplied an epic list of prizes to be shared among our awesome community!Thankfully, after months of radio silence, Sony is opening up again and letting Rocket League join the PS4 Crossplay Beta program.A frosty welcome from everyone at rltps4!See some of the notable items below.

No Shitposts, keep them in /r/rlememes.
That means, as of today, PS4 owners can engage in some car soccer with players from all other platforms.