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Article XIX authentic texts The originals of this Treaty, of which the English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish texts are equally authentic, shall be deposited in the archives of the Depositaries.
The mission report shall contain pertinent data on the date and time of the observation flight, its route and profile, weather conditions, time and eriod for each sensor, the approximate amount of data collected by sensors, and the result of inspection of covers for sensor.
If the observation aircraft is provided by the observed Party, the observing Party shall have the right to receive the original set and the observed Party shall have the right to receive a first generation duplicate copy.Each State Party that has not site de rencontre 100 provided a notification pursuant to paragraph 1 of this Annex or has not notified its plans to utilize all of its active"s, or has not conducted an observation flight during the quarter for which it had notified such.In the event that a State Party or group of States Parties, based on experience with using a particular observation aircraft, considers that any sensor or its associated equipment installed on an aircraft does not correspond to those certified in accordance with the provisions.The look down angle shall be provided in degrees measured from the vertical.A medical emergency of a member of the flight crew of the observed Party or of flight monitors;.In the event that a State Party subsequently determines that an individual is unacceptable, that State Party shall so notify the State Party that designated such individual.
Annenformation ON observation aircraft Pursuant to the provisions of Article V, paragraph 2 of the Treaty, States Parties, when designating aircraft as observation aircraft, shall notify all other States Parties of the information specified below.
The true heading of the observation aircraft shall be provided in degrees to the nearest degree.From the date of full implementation of the Treaty each State Party shall accept during subsequent distributions of active"s over its territory, if so requested, a number of observation flights up to the full amount of its individual passive".In this case, the total passive" is the total number of observation flights that the group of States Parties is obliged to accept each year.A group of States Parties established pursuant to the provisions of paragraph 2 of this Section may be transformed into a group of States Parties pursuant to the provisions of paragraph 3 of this Section;.He has grown rich on isaf patronage.In the event that the point of exit is different from the Open Skies airfield at which the observation flight terminates, both the observed and observing Parties shall inspect the covers for sensor apertures or other devices that inhibit the operation of sensors immediately prior.The data collected by the sensors shall be retained by the observing Party only if the observation flight is counted against the"s of both States Parties.In accordance with the general principles set out in Article X, paragraph 3, any third State Party that considers its rights under the provisions of Section I, paragraph 3 of this Article to be unduly restricted by the operation of a group of States Parties.The notification of the designation of aircraft of a type or model shall contain the information specified in Annex C to this Treaty.The date and estimated time of arrival of the observing Party at the point of entry and the date and estimated time of departure for the flight from the point of entry to the Open Skies airfield, if applicable, indicating specific accommodation needs;.

Each State Party shall designate one or more points of entry, one or more points of exit, and one or more Open Skies airfields on its territory.
The date of deposit of each instrument of accession and the date of entry into force of this Treaty for each State that subsequently accedes to it;.