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White musk libertine body lotion

White Musk L'Eau Collection Ratings.0 /.00 Added to Wish List!
This is definitely one of those scents you initially disregard, based on its cheapness and echange acm definition accessibility; maybe you aren't so careful with sparing it and you don't expect much.
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Serge Lutens Rahät Loukoum, I'd buy.2, white, musk, libertine, as it turns out, is more of a netclub rencontre sérieuse au québec nouveau powder vanilla musk mash-up.By the way, I got this perfume bottle from a souvenir shop and its so gorgeous that I couldnt help sharing the pics with you guys.The white musk fragrance is very mild and demure and the best part is that it is cruelty free musk.White, musk, deodorant Ratings.38 /.00 Added to Wish List!When I read "The Chronicles of Narnia; The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe" as a kid, I really understood Edward's moral predicament; could you sell-out your siblings for a massive tray of "Turkish Delight"?Newbies take note: you may think that what you need to graduate into real perfumista-hood is to familiarize yourself with the output of 20-odd obscure niche perfume houses, but a handful of really excellent rationalizing strategies will serve you just as well over the long.As WML develops, though, it gets deeper and richer and a sweet cream mixed with a nutty, coffee-type note emerges.
On my skin, it runs something like this: first, a bright, pinkish fruity-floral opening, closer to 'chain store cherry blossom' than to the glorious cherry cough syrup of Rahät Loukoum.
In all fairness, L'Occitane has a 10 solid of the new Délice des Fleurs, too.
Perfume: best of 2011 Possibly of interest.But this skin musk is a clean, ripe feminine kind of scent, that's vaguely retro in an "Oil of Olay" cream kind of way.Musk by, body, shop Women's Fragrance, the.Product Description: A super-rich and creamy body moisturizer with the sensual scent.Imbb Rating: 3/4 Would I Recommend The Body Shop White Musk Libertine Body Butter?Lotion, ratings.75 / 5, from.00, added to Wish List!My Experience with The Body Shop White Musk Libertine Body Butter: The first body butter that I ever used was from Bath and Body Works which made me fall in love with the texture.Body, wash, ratings.77 / 5, from.50.Like Midnight Iris, it's more interesting than the original White Musk, and it's less like wearing laundry detergent.White, musk, libertine " has become for me; something initially intended as a pleasant "background noise" kind of scent that begins to linger in my head and become something I routinely grab for as the main course.My square said 50, and in no time at all I was walking out with a half price bottle of the Eau de Parfum for 12, and since we all know 100 is the new free when it comes to perfume, it's very nearly like.